Relieve Arthritis Pain with honey and cinnamon


Arthritis pain is nothing to joke about. It makes for a miserable life. While checking in natural resources, I came over how to relieve arthritis pain with honey and cinnamon. I know it sounds a bit strange – but who cares if it works

There are a couple of ways to take honey and cinnamon – as a daily drink or as a tincture to put on painful and swollen joints.

For a drink for your health, the best quality organic honey would be desirable and good quality cinnamon. It seems that there are many “recipes” out there, so there seems to be no need to obsess about exact measurements. One cup of hot water with two spoons of honey in it and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This may take time once or twice a day (ie in the morning and at bedtime). If this is too sweet, then reduce the honey to one teaspoon. Similarly if the Cinnamon taste is too hard to take, then reduce it to half a teaspoon. It seems only important that honey and cinnamon are present in the mix. It really depends on what works for you.

For tincture: Mix one part honey two parts warm water and add a small teaspoon of cinnamon powder until it forms a paste. Rub this paste onto the itching / painful part of the body in a slow, circular motions. Many have found that their pain gets less clear within a few minutes.

Considering that there are a great number of people who helped every day by taking this concoction of honey and cinnamon to relieve arthritis pain them, I would imagine it is definitely worth trying. If it does not work right away (although many do report an immediate effect), please try it out for a minimum of four weeks. There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It appears that this combination is also useful for colds, coughs and sinus infections, hair loss, bladder infections, stomach pain, high cholesterol and even toothache (where you put tincture made with honey and cinnamon without water on the aching tooth up to three times a day. This combination taken daily also strengthens our immune system, protect the body from harmful bacteria and viruses attacks. Honey itself has various vitamins and. iron in large amounts

To summarize this is definitely something to include medicine cabinet family – even though honey and cinnamon reside in the kitchen