Arthritis – Psoriatic arthritis


Worldwide there are many people suffer from debilitating arthritis, people of all ages and genders are not immune from this insidious disease that has no age or gender selection and it depends even both children and infants. There is a specific call Arthritis Psoriatic arthritis is a disease that also affects many millions of people.

At the time of writing there is no known cure for this form of arthritis that primarily attacks the joints become inflamed and they added to the misery of the common arthritis that affects you’ll get scaly patches of skin. You can see that you are actually delivered double disease. Arthritis and Psoriasis.

The first thing you need to do is get the condition properly diagnosed with Dr to delve into your medical history and appropriate testing to fully understand the symptoms and treatments available for both skin complaint with medicines and other options to treat pain.

Education is the knowledge of this disease and it will help you understand the treatment available. The drugs you take will have to be closely monitored to get the right combination to not one drug fits all. There is help at hand, first with your number one contact him and he will give you information to read up on the disease, as well as to provide information on organizations that have support groups.

The Internet is a powerful tool for research and on the phone finds another support in various forums that are on the line and do not be surprised when you get a response from all over the world. This is useful when you have made contact that this gives you peace of mind to know one really knows how you feel.

The most common age for psoriatic arthritis is 20-50 years.

Some additional symptoms that people get swollen wrists, knees, elbows and finger joints. The skin will appear swollen joints as being gray and very dry especially around the front and back of the knees and elbows. The person with this condition can probably have pitted nails and small cuts around the nails. Science says the cause is not entirely known, but believes it can be attributed to a combination of environmental and genetic predisposition.

The situation is a bit difficult for the medical profession as you have almost 2 years disease. Although there are many drugs out of this situation many people do have side effects. As a lay person I’ve taken it upon myself to investigate this disease and have made many changes in my diet in order to eliminate foods that might trigger an attack without taking drugs. This has been helpful for me to eliminate different foods that kick start my disease. Change your diet is one other walk or best of all exercises aqua aerobic class of non-weight bearing.